In which I have a lot of feelings for Lantern ladies

Particularly the ones not in the spotlight.

When I first started reading Green Lantern comics, I thought all of those huge double-page spreads of epic battles with dozens of Lanterns were only there for coolness factor. I thought that the Lanterns in the background were just random throw-away designs that would only show up on that single page.

And then I started noticing that some of those “filler Lanterns” did show up in the background over and over again and that some of them have interesting backstories that I hope one day get developed.

Here’s a very incomplete list of Lantern ladies of different Corps. Images taken from the Sinestro Corps Secret Files include a short data sheet too, others are simply screencaps from comics. I may add more ladies as I keep reading, or you can always point me to more lady Lanterns.

(image heavy)


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