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I got to do an Ultimate Spider-man variant cover.  I think it’ll be for issue 4. Spider-man has been done so many times and so well…I wanted to come up with something people haven’t seen before.  And I’d always wanted to do something M.C. Escher-inspired.  So this is based on his piece “High and Low.”

It was kind of like math but more fun than math.

Showstopper cover!


Sherbet Lock Process 3

So I decided to render the ghost first…first I penciled it out, and lightly erased it all with a rubber eraser so I what I drew was light but still visible.  The reason?  I’ve found that using markers over pencil sort of locks the pencil lines in—you can’t erase that stuff.  I use Copic Sketch Markers—Copic Ciao’s basically the same but cheaper and not refillable—here I used N1, which is very light gray.  I planned on rendering it more later, but I knew I wouldn’t know the right amount of rendering until the rest of the art was done.

Next in my foreground-to-background process, I tackled Sherbet herself, face and torso.  This was definitely the most fun!  I was happy with how her expression turned out.  I made her vest black with pinstripes—since this is mostly just pen and ink, I tried to fill some areas with black, for contrast.

Tools: I mostly ink with the Faber-Castell Pitt Pens, size XS.  I keep two around—one new, and one old that I’ve marked up as old.  This is because the line gets thinner, the more you use one.  So I get two sizes out of one size marker.  I also keep a size S, mostly for filling small areas, and I use a Pentel Pocket Brushpen for larger areas of black.

I don’t use real brushes or nib pens and I am totally terrified of them!

I erase with a Faber-Castell Dust-Free white eraser, the reason being that it’s less abrasive and doesn’t pick up as much ink…it just rolls the pencil off the page.  Also, I should mention I use a french curve sometimes…for instance on the frame around the image.  I do NOT have a steady hand!  Most of my lines are made up of quick , small strokes but I’m trying to change that.

Check in Monday for more!

Artists who should be drawing all of my favourite comics:

Fiona Staples, Amy Reeder, J.H.Williams III, Kenneth Rocafort, Sean Murphy, Francis Manapul, Terry Dodson, Adam Hughes, Ivan Reis


Something random I drew a couple years back.


Copic sketch marker drawings.  One was a design sketch and the other became a panel in my short story in Vertigo’s GHOST anthology.


Happy 31st Birthday, Amy Reeder!

From her OEL manga series, Fool’s Gold, to Vertigo’s Madame Xanadu, to her future run on Batwoman, Amy Reeder has accomplished some wonderful, beautiful work.  More importantly, she is one of the most successful artists in Western comics coming from a distinctly manga-influenced tradition.  As the preponderance of girls and women who consume sequential art read and learn to draw from manga, it is vital for the future success of women in the American comics industry that they have role models who successfully transitioned between the two.  Amy Reeder fills that role in spades.

One of my favourite artists.

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