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The Punisher Annual (volume one) #2

Mike Baron + Bill Reinhold

The first meeting of Marc Spector and Frank Castle comes from quite the odd arc, but we’ll talk about that later. This goes a lot smoother than Frank’s usual run-ins with superheroes, since he and Marc are of a similar method (see: violent). When Frank does his occasional team-ups, there is a standard exchange of clashing moralities between himself and whoever he is with, ground rules being laid out before the two reluctantly join forces. With Moon Knight, there is none of that; the two immediately connect and go to work — which implies they certainly knew a lot about one another before finally meeting. If Marc’s comment is anything to go by, there was even eagerness involved, and Frank is in a remarkably good humor for the entire story.

Given that they both have so much friction with the rest of the Marvel U, it’s no surprise that they both appreciate a good hunting partner.

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Tasha’s favourite Marvel artists:
↳ Paolo Rivera

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[Moon Knight #07]

Daredevil #04

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You Can Now Pay 99 Cents to Read 15,000 Marvel Comics Online | Underwire | WIRED ›


I’m sure this is making the rounds already, but just to make sure everyone sees this — this is a really good trial.

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Donut Break
Spider-Man #13 (August 1991)
"Sub-City, Part I"
By Todd McFarlane

The best use of spider powers.

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VENOM by Robert Atkins

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